Manchester and Trafford Therapy and Counselling- MATTAC Adult and Children Therapy Service

About Me

Hi my name is Bernie Meagh I was also known as Bernie Egan before 2006 when I got married .

I have 19 years of experience working as a counsellor in schools, colleges, and at several local government services. I work with a variety of problems such as anger, depression, anxiety, trauma, self-harming, eating disorders, relationship issues, low self-esteem, stress and lack of direction in life' and parent support . I receive regular supervision in line with BACP requirements. My supervision is done through the Manchester Institute for Psychotherapy ( My Supervisor is Steffy Cook). I also work at North Cestrain School-   providing a counselling service with the school. 

How can I help you?

counselling can help you with many different issues. You might be feeling increases in anxiety, depressed, stressed or have relationship problems  . You might have lost someone close or been involved in an accident. You might have low self-esteem or feel a little stuck, with no sense of direction. You might simply want to know yourself better and feel more fulfilled.

How Do We Begin?

After our initial meeting we will jointly decide whether counselling is the best option for you and whether we feel that we can work together. Should you decide this is not for you, I will help you find which option is best for you. If we feel that I can help you we will then agree to meet again. You may want to use counselling to help you to find a solution to a particular problem. In this case counselling will be focused and short-term. After one or two initial sessions we will set targets and agree on a small number of meetings. However if you want a more in depth exploration of your difficulties and their underlying causes, we might agree to work on a longer-term basis.

My therapeutic approach

Each one of us is different and there is more than one way of understanding our world. This is why my therapeutic model is integrative. This means that I use several theoretical frameworks in order to provide the best approach for the individual needs of each client.

I also  support two of Traffords independently run community groups

Trafford High Functioning- Parent and Family support group for children with Autism -  

I am the Child Safe Guarding Officer  for Sale Dojo- A family friendly Karate club -