Manchester and Trafford Therapy and Counselling- MATTAC Adult and Children Therapy Service

Issues Impacting on Mental Health

Bereavement: Relationship issues: Generalised Anxiety: Depression: Bipolar: School Refusal: Low Self Esteem: Anxiety: Panic Disorder: Phobias: Family issues: Addictions: Sad : Postnatal Depression: Affair's: Separation: Divorce: Cross Cultural Relationships: Abuse: Anger: Alcoholism: Bullying: Exam Stress: Work Stress: School Stress: Miscarriage: Parental Stress: Carer Stress: Long Term Illness: Abortion: Gambling: Attachments: Personality Disorder: Family Breakup: Crime Victim support: Dementia: Hearing Voices: Eating Disorder's: Loneliness: Chronic Fatigue: Isolation: Friendship Issues: No Sense of Self and others