Manchester and Trafford Therapy and Counselling- MATTAC Adult and Children Therapy Service

 How we can work together.

My Aims

I would like to help children , parents/cares and adults find solutions to concerns they are having in their life .


  • .Behaviour and Emotional Difficulties : Fears and anxiety, losing temper easily struggling to control feelings or behaviour , getting into fights
  • Relationships Difficulties:Struggling to make friends , needing support with bullying issues
  • Coping with difficult situations : Family Stress, parental break up bereavement or loss
  • Difficulties in Education

Individual Work
The Kind of things I can help you with :

Making that first move to get help :

It can be hard to talk with other people about things that are worrying you .

But if the way you are feeling is having a negative impact on your life the most important thing is not to hide it or bottle it up but to talk to somebody. Therapy offers you a place to go without feeling judged

Confidentiality is important to me and I will only share information if you give me permission unless there are safeguarding concerns relating to putting a child at serious risk of harm . I would always to speak to you first regarding contacting or speaking to other proffessionals requsts for information .